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    MAY 1ST: You either knew this year's Met Gala was jaw-dropping or you didn't! We're happy to say quite a few members of our Foodie family were in attendance. Click the picture above to see the gorgeous variety of fashion moguls!
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    MAY 4th: We don't think it's the luck of the Irish that keeps this guy from creating such kickass music. We think it's his talent, lyrics and ability to make all the girls eyes turn to literal hearts when he sings. This blonde bombshell (yeah, we said it) released his latest single "Slow Hands" on the 4th and has recently been featured on Billboard. We also hear he's releasing a new single called "On the Loose", but we'll save that for next month. Seems like his song titles are trying to tell us something, no?
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    MAY 13th: Who knew that Cole Sprouse could take such breathtaking photos? Check out his incredible photos of the gorgeous Kendall Jenner!
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    MAY 14TH: 5 Seconds of Sweet Relief! This sexy duo, along with a bunch of other A-class acts, donated their time, talent and music to Strange 80's Benefit Show for Sweet Relief Musician's Fund. Check out the organisation's website to find out more about their cause and how you can help!
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    MAY 14th & MAY 19TH & MAY 21ST: Ain't no crying in the club for this chick! Camila Cabello dropped her first official single from her new album The Hurting, The Healing, The Loving titled "Crying in the Club", followed by another single "I Have Questions". The upbeat dance-centric song was accompanied by a music video and her outstanding performance at the Billboard Music Awards on the 21st. Earlier in the month on the 14th, Camila was singing for a much different audience as she joined up with Musicians On Call to spread the healing power of music to children .
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    MAY 30TH: Chinhands alert! Someone kindly tipped us off that this fashion-forward couple has just celebrated their one-year anniversary together. Being able to celebrate a year of love and devotion to one another is always something to celebrate! We've taken the liberty of mailing a copy of Barry White's Greatest Hits for the lovebirds. But wait -- there's more! Zayn has taken Beyonce's advice and decided to put a ring on it. Gigi Malik has a certain ring to it, no?
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    MAY 18TH: When Liam sings strip, we strip it down! Last but certainly not least, Liam Payne finally releases his first debut single from his solo work. The new song definitely seems like it's going to be one of the hottest tracks played in clubs this summer. We can't wait to see the video or hear what he's going to release next!