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    MAY 5TH & 8TH & 12TH & 18TH: This month was truly one of Styles! Before his album even dropped on May 12th, his world tour sold out in mere seconds on the 5th, only to be followed with a very uplifting music video debut on the 8th. During the week of his album's release, he spent his time amusing us on The Late Late Show with James Corden, only to finish out the week with his album debuting at #1 on Billboard's 200. What a stylish way to debut a solo album!
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    MAY 25TH: Beaches ain't ready and neither were we. The summer's most anticipated flick has all the girls (and some of the guys) drooling at the mouth for Zac Efron's lifeguard body in the revitalised "Baywatch". The star has been seen jet-setting all over the world to premiere the new film. When they said "summer is coming", they left out just how hard.
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    MAY 24TH & MAY 26TH: This sexy quartet keeps us coming back for more as they launched their European tour leg on the 24th, only to be followed by the tease of Power ft. Stormzy himself on the 26th. But ladies, what everyone really wants is that music video tho. Are you going to release it or nah?
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    MAY 11th & MAY 25TH: Funny how tabloids don't splash this sort of news on the cover! Kylie Jenner was seen traveling to Lima, Peru to visit the Delgado Clinic on the 11th with her mom. Kylie has been a huge supporter of the charity organisation Smile Train, and she was welcomed with big, beautiful smiles at the clinic for all her hard work and donations! But her visit was a short one, as Kylie needed to get back to work to launch the new KoKo Kollection with her sister, Khloe, on the 25th. We hear the actual products will be in stores on the 31st. Safe to say, we're in love with the KoKo!
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    MAY 10th: UnBeliebable! Justin Bieber is setting new records across the board. On the 10th, Justin became the first male to debut at #1 on Hot 100 twice! This had only been accomplished by Britney Spears and Mariah Carey previously. This is after "I'm the One" topped the chart, followed by "Despacito" the following week. This means "Despacito" is the first mostly-Spanish speaking song to top the Billboard 100 charts in over 20 years. But even MORE than that, since these two #1s occurred back-to-back, this makes Justin the only artist ever to notch new #1s consecutively ever. Congrats to the Biebs. As DJ Khaled would say, "another one!"
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    MAY 23RD: Thank you, Maxim, for putting into print what we already knew: Hailey Baldwin is top of the list when it comes to sexy, down-to-earth, badass-ery! Congratulate this chick on topping Maxim's list and our hearts!
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    MAY 21ST & MAY 27TH: It may have been raining Billboard Music Awards in Drake's pockets, but Zayn Malik managed to swipe one from his collection as he won the Top New Artist award at this year's BBMAs. This was topped off the following week when his new single "Still Got Time" went certified gold and silver in Australia and the UK! While Malik may think he's still got time, we're impatienty staring at our watches for him to drop his next album. Stop playing with the monkey and release it, Z!