why did we open foodies: we created this community for a smaller group of invididuals to come together to enjoy roleplay again. our definition of enjoying roleplay means that we don't focus time-bound updates or trying to build the biggest community out there.

what you should expect from the mods: we see it as our job to provide timely adds, clean-outs, refresh and maintain activities, and moderate activity so that the community doesn't get bogged down with dead weight.

what we expect from our members: we see it as part of the member's job to extend beyond their comfort zone to interact with current members, recruit new members, and to communicate with us when necessary.

what our gpsl offers: we offer a wide selection of activities for our members. we feel it's our job to provide a place that you want to interact in. some of the activities include:
✓ free for all
✓ aim blast chat
✓ ask me anything
✓ mixtape mondays
✓ movie nights
✓ game nights
✓ monthly writing prompts
✓ much more
what type of members we want:
» we want the members that apply here to want to interact with the group -- this doesn't mean only when it's brand new and shiny.

» we want members who can maintain a sl within the community without falling into a hole. we are not "just a place" to house your psl, whether it be pre-established or created within the community.

» we expect our members to come to us with their suggestions, ideas, critiques and input because we have no desire to be a dominating mod team. please keep in mind we genuinely do the best that we can, but can and will make mistakes from time to time.

» we expect our members to bring us possible solutions if they do bring a critque/complaint to our attention.

activity is key:
introductions you must post an introduction to ~food within 3 days of acceptance.

friends listyour friends list must be updated at least once every two weeks. failure to do this will result in being placed in overrideable status and is grounds for removal.

Updated as of 10/12: there are two requirements to be considered active.

update limit journals must be updated at least once during any one month period with anything of your choosing: a question, a link to a song, a mixtape, some fancy html, etc. there is no word count limit on updates, however most comments do need to be replied to for it to count toward the update limit.

activity → aside from the monthly update, some sort of presence must be seen from you at least once every two weeks. this can be in any form, whether it's a post to the friends page, more frequent updates in your journal, or participation in one of the group activities. your monthly update does not count toward this separate activity requirement and the two cannot be made in the same two week period. for example, if you post in your journal on the first of the month, a post to the friends page can't be made the same week to get the activity requirement "out of the way". the point is to space them out with enough room in between so there is no question as to whether or not you're active.

hiatus: it is with the understanding that real life always comes first, so if for whatever reason you won't be able to meet these requirements, please leave a note in the dropbox requesting an extension.

quick notes:

we do not see solely interacting/commenting with a slp as a way to satisify the activity requirement.

you can switch back and forth with how you're active as long as we see effort.

you can always contact us if you know you're going to be busy/slow a certain week. communication is key.

at the end of the day, what we want is a place to have fun with roleplay, something that extends beyond a romantic storyline. we are looking for members who are just as interested in building friendships as well as a romance. the truth is, you probably won't like every single member (because that's just not realistic to life), but we feel very confident that you will enjoy the majority of our members as we have cultivated a tremendously fun, positive, welcoming group thus far. we want members who are looking for the same thing out of their roleplay experience. if this sounds like something you're looking for, we strongly encourage you to apply to join the fun.