this game is a combination of "buddy pairings" and the typical "q & a" with a little twist. we have a list of survey questions HERE. you will be paired with a buddy and ask them any five questions from the list. then you have the option of POSTING your q & a session in your journal.

rules: you must sign up for this activity by the date on the calendar to be included in each round. you may do an "all inclusive" sign up if you want to participate in the majority of them and let us know on the weeks when you can't participate instead. sign up post is HERE. we will post the buddy pairings on the friends page.

after you are assigned a buddy, you will have two weeks to ask them each five questions from this survey of questions. please try to vary up the questions. if you want to get super fancy and keep track of the questions you've been asked so you can tell your buddy when they've repeated a question a prior buddy has asked, we do encourage this as well!

once you've asked your buddy your five questions and they've asked you theirs, you have a few options:
1. do absolutely nothing with this information. don't share it, don't talk about to this buddy again, avoid eye contact at all costs, leave the chat IMMEDIATELY when this person says something.

2. you can share this info with the blast chat (assuming your buddy is okay with that) so that others may get to know this individual as well.

3. make a post/entry at your creative leisure with this information so that we can all get to see and learn this information.

we're going to try to do this twice a month because we feel like the actual question portion shouldn't take you very long at all. we hope you enjoy this!