have you ever thought to yourself "man, i wish there was a way to play clue online"? well guess what, so has our member hailee! so what she has done is put together a way for our members to play clue online in a chatroom setting. see the rules below:
🔎 on the night of the game, your name will go into a randomizer that will decide the order the players will go in. there will be one host who orchestrates the evening.

🔎 you will be assigned different cards that will feature a weapon, a place, and a person by the game's host. depending on how these are scrambled, you may end up with different versions of these cards. you may get two people and no places or one weapon and two people, etc, etc. just like in the real game if clue.

🔎 you will receive a "scorecard" that lists all of the possible combinations that will allow you to mark off your findings as we go.

🔎 when it is your turn to go, you will be required to say some form of this: "#person did it in the #place with the #weapon!"

🔎 after your guess, the host will message you to let you know if ONE of your THREE guesses is a possible answer or not. if you guess and the host does not have any of the cards you will know that you've figured out the killer, the weapon, and where the murder took place.

🔎 sporadically the host will give someone the chance to get a "bonus" round in which the host will give them the option to ask anyone to tell a card to the whole chat, in private, or even allow them to directly ask me whether or not one of their guesses is the possible correct weapon, place, or person.

with that being said, happy murder mystery night!