did you ever watch vh1's show "best week ever"? this activity is an adaption from that tv show, but with a twist. instead of doing a typical "member spotlight" where we focus on one person every so often, we decided to expand on that and praise everyone's accomplishments once a month in what we call best month ever.

how it works: we have a submissions post featured here. during the month, every time your celebrity has something exciting/eventful happen in real life or in the game, fill out the short submission form to submit it. some real life examples would be a new single dropping, a music video, being featured on the cover of a magazine, winning any award, breaking a record, having a movie come premiere, etc. some in game examples would be if your character gets engaged, married, pregnant, etc. we post the "blog" the first week after the end of the month. that means all the events/submissions from may, for example, would be posted the first week of june. then all the events from june would be posted the first week of july. we feel this is a unique way to give shout outs and props to everyone in the community!